Based Dublin
Active 2004 - 2009
SLO-01 Herv Cicada 30/07/2004 CD
SLO-02 Moose Eats Leaf Untitled 06/08/2004 CD
SLO-03 Goodtime John Handmade With Ears 13/08/2004 CD
SLO-04 Agitated Radio Pilot Imaginary East Of Longford 20/08/2004 CD
SLO-05 Tony Privado My Charge 03/09/2004 CD
SLO-06 Various
SLO-07 United Bible Studies Huntly Town 17/09/2004 CD
SLO-08 The Hollows We Could Sleep This Season Through 15/10/2004 CD
SLO-09 Moose Eats Leaf Toy Box 12/11/2004 CD
SLO-10 The North Sea Monsoon Season 13/12/2004 CD
SLO-11 Weapons Of Mass Destruction No Retreat, No Surrender 04/02/2005 CD
SLO-12 Cat And Dog Dialogue n/a 04/02/2005 CD
SLO-13 Somadrone 10-1 Noises 10/04/2005 CD
SLO-14 Wrecking Ball The Hidden 10/04/2005 CD
SLO-15 Papercut Built From Static And Electrical Hum 10/04/2005 CD
SLO-16 Elsworth Cambs Leaf Or Tree 21/04/2006 CD
SLO-17 The Hollows It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It 29/05/2006 CD
SLO-18 Paul G. Smyth Holy Thursday 12/06/2006 CD
SLO-19 Northstation Wagtail 20/08/2006 CD
SLO-20 Northstation Normstation 23/02/2007 CD
SLO-21 Elsworth Cambs Allusions Of Grandeur 05/08/2007 CD
SLO-22 Moose Eats Leaf Adrift 28/03/2008 CD
SLO-23 Gestammel Hesitate / Land -- 7"
SLO-24 At Last An Atlas / Paul O'Reilly Ships Leaving 03/04/2009 CD
SLO-25 The Hollows Broken Notes For Winter Homes 08/05/2009 CD
SLO-26 The Driftwood Manor Every Light Goes Out Eventually 06/11/2009 CD
SLO-27 At Last An Atlas From Which We Were Raised 05/02/2010 CD
SLO-28 St. Catherine's Home For Lazy Infants Old Ghosts 30/10/2009 CD