Based Dublin
Active 2008 - 2012
Run By Mick Roe, Barry Lennon
RICD001 DIG Herv Lithic 2008
RIC001 CD The Vinny Club Rocky IV Reckyrd 2008
RIC002 10" Blakfish See You In Anothe City 2008
RICSC003 CASS Not Squares / Jogging Richter Club No. 3 2009
RIC004 10"/CD/DIG Adebisi Shank This Is The Album Of A Band Called ... 2009
RICS005 7" Messiah J & The Expert Acting The Maggot 2009
RIC006 7"/DVD Enemies Bits Of Parrots / Feed Me Seedless 2009
RIC008 CD BATS Red In Tooth And Claw 2009
RIC009 7" Not Squares Aye Yo Pa 2009
RIC010 CD Kidd Blunt The Flood 2009
RIC011 CD/DIG Marvin's Revolt (Danish Band) Patrolling The Heights 2009
RIC012 CD Not Squares Asylum 2010
RIC013 CD The Redneck Manifesto Friendship 2010
RIC014 DIG Worrier (US Band) Source Error Spells 2010
RIC015 CD/DIG The Continuous Battle Of Order Pttrns Skrs 2010
RC016 LP/CD Jogging Minutes 2010
RIC017 LP/CD/DIG Enemies We've Been Talking 2010
RIC018 10"/CD/DIG Adebisi Shank This Is The Second Album Of A Band ... 2010
RIC019 10"/DIG Logikparty High Risk Narcissist 2010
RIC021 LP/CD Not Squares Yeah OK 2010
n/a CD Not Squares Release The Bees 2010
n/a CD Various Richter Collective / SMA Sampler 2010
RIC022 CD/DIG Hands Up Who Wants To Die Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo 2011
RIC023V 7" Squarehead Midnight Enchilada / Midnight Ghosts 2011
RIC024 7"/DIG Enemies Coco Et Moi 2011
RIC025 CD And So I Watch You From Afar Gangs 2011
RIC026 And So I Watch You From Afar And So I Watch You From Afar 2011
RIC027 CD/DIG Squarehead Yeah Nothing 2011
RIC028 And So I Watch You From Afar 7 Billion People All Alive At Once 2011
RIC029 Various Final Party Compilation 2008 - 2012 2012
RIC030 BATS The Sleep Of Reason 2012